Terms & Conditions


Upon receiving photoshopped images of your Mimiconz, the team will review and deem acceptable to add to the website. Once this has been approved you will receive a ONETIME usable code to purchase a Mimiconz World Leader of your choice through the shop website.


All participants must send their photoshopped or normal images/photos to the email address; Mimiconz@creativetoyscompany.com to then be accessible to receive their voucher code, for the FREE World Leader Figurine. All FREE purchases will be made through the website shop @ WWW.MIMICONZ.COM where the voucher code given will give a full discount for 1x unit ONLY.


Only ONE discount code and acceptable image participation entry will be allowed per person / per address.

All images must follow acceptable guidelines of imagery. No offensive, rude or inappropriate imagery will be accepted.


We look forward to seeing your images!